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for buying please go to and/or to

for photography of your wedding or event Doubleviews Photography

the site of my friend for great pictures Jan Koetsier Photography


  My photos on this site are free to use, for whatever purpose. I only ask you to mention my name as photographer  and that you inforrm me by e-mail that you are going to use my photo.
 I'm willing to sent you the picture in original format. Just sent me an e-mail for that.

My photos are pure. They are not manipulated in any way, no effects are added and no details are removed or added. In cases where the sphere of the original moment seems to have been reduced,
I only permit myself to adjust contrast, brightness and sometimes the colors green, red and blue to retrieve that sphere.

If you recognize yourself on one or more of my photos and you don't like it, just let me know. I shall remove them if you wish.

All photos on this site are made and owned by Rovel. You are free to use the photos on this site. I only ask you to let me know if you do. I trust that you mention my name if you use them for any kind of publicaton.

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